COVID-19 Update


To Our Faithful Supporters –

I’ve had several people contact me over the last week or so and was wondering about the upcoming camp season. Well, today that is a question I cannot answer. We have all hopes to be operating at some capacity, but that will depend on the next few weeks and what the healthcare authorities recommend. We will continue to monitor the situation from week to week, consult with the board of directors, and we will simply trust our God to plan our schedule.  I have been so excited for everyone to see the new renovations to the dining hall and still hope you will be able to enjoy them this summer. Everything is complete except for just a little flooring in the kitchen. I am so thankful for each individual and church that supported this off-season project. I have plans to mail out the 2020 brochures in the next week or so! You can visit our website also at

I have been so encouraged by those churches and individuals who monthly support this ministry. A dear husband and wife stopped by a few weeks back and gave a huge gift to this ministry (I was blown away by their generosity) and also a church who sent an extra gift last week.  GOD’S FAITHFUL!!!!  Business is as usual as I continue to prepare the pool and water slide, pressure wash the buildings, spray weed killer, washed all the white vinyl fence and last but not least hired the summer staff. Thanks for your many prayers and support during these difficult days. i have enjoyed listening to the many churches online services, it has been a blessing. I will be in touch….  

Bro Ashley