Rev. Duane Taylor/Trinity Camp Scholarship


To help promote Christian education, Trinity Camp is proud to sponsor a scholarship fund in the memory of Pastor Duane Taylor, who served so faithfully in the ministry of this Camp.

This scholarship will be awarded to a student(s) who is a senior in high school from the Jasper, Progressive or Vernon Associations, a transferring student from a secular university to a Free Will Baptist College, or a returning student to a Free Will Baptist College from the above Associations and/or a college student employed by the camp during the year this scholarship will be awarded.  The requirements/conditions for the Duane Taylor/Trinity Camp Scholarship are as follows:

1.)  Student(s) must be an active member, in good standing of a Free Will Baptist Church (where applied the Associations listed above).

2.)  Student(s) must attend a Free Will Baptist Bible College.

3.)  Student(s) must submit the following: Recommendation from the Pastor; Verification of enrollment from the college; Autobiography of oneself including name, age, birthday, church, hobbies, a copy of past semester grades, course of study, etc…  All applications must be turned into the Camp Office no later than the first full week within the month of July for the coming fall semester.

4.)  Applicant(s) must be considered a full time student.  (12 hours each semester is required)

5.)  College Applicant(s) must have a G.P.A. of 2.0; High school applicant(s) an overall “C” average to receive consideration for this scholarship.  Each student must present a copy of his/her last semester grades.

6.)  The amount of this scholarship will be set by the Camp’s General Director, the Camp Board and/or the Camp Board Executive Committee.  This amount may increase or decrease depending upon the camp’s available funds.  Applicant(s) may inquire the amount of the scholarship from the Camp’s General Director.

7.)  After all applications have been received and reviewed by the Camp Director, Camp Board and/or Camp Board Executive Committee, one applicant(s) will be prayerfully chosen to receive the scholarship. This decision will be made known by August 1st each year.

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